FIRST TOUCH ••• “your touch” Remix

Mixdown for FIRST TOUCH and their remix for FREEKWENCY ft. Ale Chambers “Your Touch” done !!! Getting it more into the direction of the 80´s Lynn Drum vibe style-tracks, and mixed in an authentic 80´s way !!!

Gruppe SOK ••• “Der Grüne Vogel” LP

Mastering from original tapes for east german lost audio artifact “Der Grüne Vogel” by Gruppe SOK (Ulrich Gumpert & Hermann Anders) at audiomoto for Black Pearl Records. For some sound samples or further informations go to Black Pearl Records !

MOP MOP ••• Recordings with Anthony Joseph

For the new Mop Mop album, we recorded in November 2014 with famous poet Anthony Joseph again in our small & cozy recording-booth. Later that evening Clara Hill & King Britt were dropping by for a small chat !!!

REALLY RECORDS • Dürerstuben Project

Dürerestuben Project – 5 artists are involved to produce out of a common intro a tune. Very arty view & concept as the last time for their “Out of the Woods”-project ! All 5 tracks are mastered at audiomoto studio. … Weiterlesen

MANELET Mastering

For the artist & friend Manelet, audiomoto mastered 3 tracks. Manelet’s “You Gave Me” is part of the EP “That Day You Gave Me Love” released on Eme Records.