here we have a shop of some unique studio & quality studio-gear to sell:

• self-made very solid metal speaker-stands for normal speaker-shapes, but also very good as a stand

for Grundig Audiorama speakers                                                                                                                      Price: 50,-  €



• 60´s unique self-built tube mixer by Siemens-engineer from Berlin, who worked for the Hermann Ehlers-School and recorded their performances.                                                                                                   OFFERS ARE WELCOME !!


• One unique Plate Reverb self-built in the 70´s. It was used at Conny Plank´s studio, where he used it for lots of Krautrock-recordings. It seems like a EMT kind of clone and yes, they used all the knowledge and technical backgrounds to built this plate-reverb.                                                                                                                    SOLD !!!


• One of a kind studio mixing console built in GDR / DDR by Bethke Musicelectronic Magdeburg / BEM. This is maybe the only existing mixer of this brand and a historical very important proof, that not only government-companies like RFZ, RFT, Geithain, VEB Studiotechnik etc. were allowed to built musical equipment, also small independent companies started to build high quality studio gear. If you open this mixing-console, you will see that it is all handmade and not “so professional”-made like the big companies were able to produce in GDR.                                    SOLD !!!