• mixing:

We can mix your tracks digital or use our analog mixing pre-amped rooting. For the analog mixdown we use our RFZ  40 channel broadcast-mixing console MP 4084 and high-quality peripheral devices. Digital mixdowns we generate in our computer system.

Under artists and the specialized press it´s a often discussed topic, if a pure digital mixdown reaches the high quality of a analog mixdown. And of course other terms, as only a high quality technical gear, is playing an important role here.

Although with modern technical gear and up-to-date software you can achieve a high quality of sound, our experience shows us that the acoustic result of an analog mixdown is much better. We always sense the often-cited warmness and deepness of the analog mixdown as an aesthetic advantage. It is simply as a more comfortable listening experience. But the choice is yours.

Further we offer as a special service to transfer your mixdown to one of our tape machines (Telefunken M15 / Mechlabor STM 610), record on high quality master tape and transfer the tape-recording back to our system. The tape compression and the high quality standard of these machines giving the recordings a wonderful warm, analog and crystal clear sound.

The experience and the correct use of technical gear decides the quality of the mixdown. We have a longtime praxis and a widespread know-how in music-productions, which we can offer you.


• analog transfer:

For all that have an interest in a comfortable, round and homogeneous analog sound, we offer a special service. We re-record and transfer your sound material with the help of a high-quality analog signal path.

We can re-record your individual stems or finished tracks through our RFZ MP 4084 broadcasting mixer. These transformer supported preamps, along with the transformer-equipped output amplifiers, create a special warm and full analog sound.

You can ask such persons as Cosmic Baby and Ricardo Villalobos what they say about this amazing mixer and it´s sound.

Additionally we can record the signal on a analog tape-machine. This machine is a Telefunken M15 or our hungarian Mechlabor STM 610 broadcast tape-machine, that records stereo on 1/4 Zoll tape. The analog tape-saturation rounds the signals, gives them a phat finish and a crystal clear sound.

The digital-analog and analog-digital transformation is done by the RME-Fireface 800 audio interface. This special service is for the lovers and connoissuers of the analog sound, people who are exactly searching for this kind of sound, but do not own the right technical gear.