Roskow Kretschmann has been active in the music-business since 1988. Hip-hop and Rap were the first  musical motivations, firstly as a lyricist and MC, then as a music producer. In 1989, under the name Rock Da Most, he released the first German rap record / EP ever. In the following years he gained lots of experience in the fields of studio and music-production  and of course in live-situations in numerous hip-hop jams.

Because of the search for samples and new musical input, record-collecting quickly became a quite serious topic in his life.

1991, with two members of Rock Da Most, he founded the Hip Hop  record-label Juiceful Records, through which they released many groundbreaking, German hip-hop artists, such as Islamic Force, Cheeba Garden, Juiceful Jazz, and Hype-a-delics over the next 3 years.

Inspired by jazz, fusion, funk, soul, Afro, Brazil, Cuban, beat & rock, and other genres, the musicial dogmas of rap productions began to bore him, and drove him to break new ground.

In 1992 he started his search for new directions. In these times, his trip-hop project, Kosma, started to grow as he began experimenting with combining jazz fusion, club-music, and cinematic music. 1993 saw him produce a dance LP for the Delicious Doughnuts Club, in co-operation with local DJs. The Delicious Doughnut Compilation Vol.1 was released on his own record label, Timbre Records.

The contact with these other DJs and artists saw the foundation of the Jazzanova project in 1995. In the following years, Jazzanova released numerous remixes and original tunes, and their publicity was steadily growing. This new, fresh style called “Nu Jazz” by the media quickly spread to foreign countries, and made Jazzanova an internationally respected project. Even today, the name Jazzanova is synonymous with creativity and quality.

As a side project he formed the project Forum & Intega together with his mate Matti Hellwig. They put out a lot of break beat and speed garage inspired remixes and a few originals. After a few years of working together , they split up again.

In 2005 he started to release under his old graffiti alter ego Sygaire, where he puts out a mixture of boogie, disco, electro, techno, hip hop, soul, funk, afro, cuban, caribbean inspired clubmusic with collaborations with buddies and homies.

2010 he started to work on two side projects, Mudegg with his digging-partner Tom, and the project El Freakadell with the very famous italian dj & producer Enzo Elia.

Furthermore he formed together with Tom the record label Black Pearl Records, to spread some of their musical discoveries they made.



• Own Releases:
1989 Rock Da Most “use the posse” EP (Imperial Nation Records)
1990 Rock Da Most „so rockin..“ 12“ (unreleased, only 3 testpressings))
1992 Juiceful Jazz „between the chapters“ CD (Juiceful Records)
1994 VA „Macht der Kreativität“ with Rock Da Most „the no-named game“ 2LP (Rap Nation Records)
1996 Kosma “unibosvertripsal” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
1996 Kosma “universal” LP/CD (InfraCom! Records)
1996 Kosma “les promesses d’une chevelure” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
1997 Jazzanova “ep 1″ 12″ (Jazzanova Records)
1998 Jazzanova “ep 2″ 12″ (Sonar Kollektiv)
1999 Kosma “kalderon / sinther” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
2000 Jazzanova “the remixes 1997-2000″ 5LP/2CD (Sonar Kollektiv)
2000 Jazzanova “the single collection 1997-2000″ LP/CD (Sonar Kollektiv)
2000 Kosma “odessa” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
2000 Kosma “magenta flush” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
2000 Kosma “odessa (black sea rmx) / flow ft. ERK” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
2002 Jazzanova “in between” LP/CD (Sonar Kollektiv)
2002 Kosma “early works” CD (InfraCom! Records)
2003 Kosma “aspekte / effatholar city” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
2005 Kosma “small swinging istanbul / heliocentric” 12″ (InfraCom! Records)
2005 Kosma “new aspects” CD (InfraCom! Records)
2005 Sygaire & Kaoru – “got to be there/in your groove” 12″ (Sonar Kollektiv)
2006 Sygaire – “deux mille deux/oh-ba-ju-li” 12″ (Sonar Kollektiv)
2007 Sygaire & Defcon – “always for the breaks/the barracuda” 12″ (Raw Fusion)
2007 Sygaire & Defcon – “we did dat thang” 12″ (Melting Pot Music)
2009 Sygaire & Defcon – “yigitler” 12″ (Melting Pot Music)
2009 Season & Sygaire – “inner navigation” 12″ (Reincarnations Records)
2009 Sygaire – “mono:poly/the time is now” 12″ (Room With A View Records)
2009 Sygaire & Defcon – “the latest” 12″ (Om Records)

1989 Young Guns „hyped up“ LP (Imperial Nation Records)
1993 VA „rap gegen rechts“ 2LP with A Real Dope Thing „roumors“ (DCO Records)
1995 VA „Delicious Doughnuts Compilation Vol. 1“ (Timbre Records)
1998 Tritop LP (infracom records)
1999 Generated X-ed “electro facism” LP (Trinity Records)
2003 Sebo K
2007 TrickSki enginering & mixing
2007 for the street dance musical “beyond the gates” Berlin 12/07
2008 with SEASON & SYGAIRE ft RANDOLPH MATTHEWS – “open to love” on
Gilles Peterson Comp. “in the house” on Defected Rec.
2008 remix for 2BanksOf4 “shadowlands” SEASON & SYGAIRE rmx on Sonar Koll.
2008 remix for Atjazz – “parallels” JAZZANOVA rmx
2009 remix for Andre Zimma ft. T. Lovique – “hope is on the way”
2010 remix for Eva Be ft.Joe Dukie – “no memory of time” Sygaire rmx for SYGAIRE DIGITAL
2010 remix for DJ Marky & XRS ft. Cleveland Watkiss “breeze” Sygaire rmx for SYGAIRE DIGITAL

2010 remix for MICATONE – “circle” Sygaire rmx for SYGAIRE DIGITAL

2012 mixing & productions for FIRST TOUCH


2004 Bosporus Bridges LP (TWIMO Records)
2007 Romanian Jazz CD/LP ( Sonar Kollektiv)
2007 Nueva Vision – latin jazz from cuba CD/LP (Sonar Kollektiv)
2008 Henryk Debich – “string beat” LP (Bureau B Records)
2008 Funky Fräuleins CD/LP (Bureau B Records)
2012 Bosporus Bridges Vol. 2 (Black Pearl Records)
2012 Ritmo Caliente (Black Pearl Records)
2012 Los Yoyi (Black Pearl Records)

Juiceful Records / First Class Records:

1992 Islamic Force „my melody/istanbul“ (First Class Records)
1992 Islamic Force „the whole world is your home“ (Juiceful Records)
1993 Cheeba Garden „houpa doupa crapola“ EP (Juiceful Records)
1994 Hype-A-Delics „mo.. funk for your ass“ LP/CD (Juiceful Records JFR-003 LP/CD)
1994 VA Hip Hop Aktivisten Gegen Gewalt “halt keine gewalt” CD (Juiceful Records)
1994 Juiceful Jazz “streets of desire” MCD (Juiceful Records JFR-006 MCD)
1995 Cheeba Garden „alea iacta est“ LP/CD (Juiceful Records JFR-009 LP/CD)
1995 Cheeba Garden „return of the skunkadelic“ (Juiceful Records)


• Timbre Records:

1995 VA „Delicious Doughnuts Compilation Vol. 1“ (Timbre Records)


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