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We ran into each other towards the end of the 80’s, a time that marked a turning point for all of us. The hip hop culture that emerged at the time and the rap music that went with it, not only changed the Berlin hip hop music scene, but it also had a strong and lasting impact on us individually and on our musical tastes. As well as pursuing our individual ideas, we collaborated on various projects and creations at the time.

Back then our shared passion for studio equipment, music productions and their secrets made us invest in early studio technology. The very first samplers from EMU Emax & Akai, of course Atari computers, small mixing consoles, tape machines and microphones for the first joint studio project. After this initial period of collaboration and working on different projects together, our creative urges took us in different directions.

30 Years later, our love and passion for music and studio equipment brought us back together again.

Image by Tobias van Schneider



Roskow Kretschmann

dj, music producer (including Rock Da Most, Jazzanova) mixing & mastering engineer, founder of the Black Pearl Records label


Joachim Müller

passionate musician and producer of Generated X-ed & Müller Of Death, managing director of one of the largest European merchandise companies "Strict Textildruck"


Robert Kucak

musician with a penchant for studio technology & hi-end audio systems developer, sound engineer, music producer, specialist in tape mastering

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