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Audio Restoration is the process of repairing damaged and mostly old audio material. Audio damages like clicks and background-noise from vinyl, noise from cassette or studio tapes can be managed in this process.

Poor storage or ageing of diverse audio material can also lead to significant degradation in sound quality. By using state of the art equipment and software, damaged recording material can be ‘repaired’. Depending on the level of sound degradation, we plan the time needed for each restoration.

We offer sound upgrade services for your video, documentary, tutorial, promotion clips and advertising to shape the sound for the best possible audio quality and listening pleasure; balancing out volume changes, repairing unwanted frequencies, noise and audio damages for a smooth & professional listening experience.

If you have audio material on old formats like vinyl, cassette, DAT, MiniDisc or even studio tape, we can transfer your sound onto diverse and high quality equipment to any digital format. Please check out our
media-transfer service.

For any file uploads, please use one of the common file-transfer platforms such as etc. and send them to our email

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