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Over the years, we've been privileged to have worked on some amazing mastering projects for a wide range of artists and genres. To find out more about our productions, audio restorations and mastering, check out our discography on

Alannah Chapman

2021 brings the launch of Alannah Chapman's own solo project - an adventure she describes as both exciting and scary. Flirting with neo soul, new jazz, indie and a hint of RnB, Chapman’s musical landscape is rich, with a softness and edge influenced by the sounds of Sade, Malia or Erikah Badu.

J. Lamotta

Born in Tel Aviv to a family with Moroccan roots, the now Berlin based artist, singer and producer J.Lamotta returns with 'Suzume'; her second album release via Jakarta Records.
Her music, as she describes herself, is a mixture of J Dilla, Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, and Aaliyah.

Otis Jr. & Dr. Dundiff

„Need To Know“ is from the second album by Otis Junior and Dr.Dundiff called „Cool“. Otis and Dundiff both are originally from Louisville, Kentucky.
Dundiff's organic yet hard hitting productions compliment Otis Junior soulful timbre perfectly. The result is too Hip Hop to be Soul and vice versa but it is sitting very well in between these chairs.

Martin Georgi

Martin Georgi is not a newcomer. He is more like one of those who like to stay under the radar. The sample-based music producer made his debut in the deephouse sector on his own more than 10 years ago, completely without a label or distribution. His tracks have been compared around the world with the early works of Moodyman or Theo Parrish.

Clara Hill

This singer / songwriter album by Clara Hill is idyllically acoustic, subtly psychedelic, sedately soulful folk largely eschews electronic embellishments in favour of a combination of reflective soul and the moods of 60s/70s Brazilian `tristeza´, makes it an honest, instinctive, affecting expression of Hill’s voice at its purest.

Enzo Elia

Enzo Elia´s new album “Alles Paletti!" will take you on a musical journey through the 80´s & 90´s club music era and its genre clash of Disco, New Wave, Electro, Dub, Balearic, Cosmic, Loft Classics to the early years of House productions, that again merges perfectly into the "Zeitgeist" of today.

2. jazz waltzer BURZLAFF.jpg
Manfred Burzlaff

Previously unknown hard bop and cool jazz from Berlin Image Films of the 1960s, transferred from the original master tapes at audiomoto. All music by composer, vibraphonist and pianist Manfred Burzlaff (1932-2015), a true master of harmonies, inventing improvisational concepts and experiments somewhat comparable to the famous style of the Clarke-Boland Sextet.

2. Take A Look Outside-MASTER 270619.jpg

An African band that was based in Germany and recorded 3 albums. This album was never released before and was originally recorded while the band was on an USA tour in the early 80s. The original recordings are transfered from the original 24-track tape, and after that, the single tracks were restorated, edited, mixed and mastered at audiomoto.

Jazz Community

Very famous Modern Jazz band based in Zurich, that was recorded by famous jazz musician, composer and studio owner Bruno Spoerri. Their modal Jazz tune „Snobben“ shows their international level and niveau, and so it is no wonder that this combo belongs to one of the most important & influential sextets in Europe at their time.

Roger Fakhr.jpg
Rogér Fakhr

An outstanding singer / songwriter album on an high international level by multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Rogér Fakhr from Beirut, recorded in the period after he left Beirut in 1976 to live in Paris, who was as well a part of Fairuz tour band to the USA.
This album was never released before and was hidden in the shelfs for all these years, luckily seeing finally the light of the day.


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